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Acclaimed art events that turn viewers into creators

What Story Do YOU See?


Imagine finding a scrapbook of someone's life. There are no captions. What story do you see?

Each art event is a collection of paintings that elicit ideas, feelings, and inspire creativity. Viewers become artists and writers, exchanging discoveries, assembling clues, delving into their own experiences and emotions. And every interpretation is completely valid. In a world increasingly divided, these magical shows turn strangers into friends and collaborators.


VALERIE'S FAMILY SECRETS depicts objects, locations, and events from the life of an elderly woman who disappeared under mysterious circumstances... a whole life reduced to items in a yard sale. It asks the challenging question: What happened to Valerie?

ALTERNATIVE GODS: RELICS FROM THE TOMB OF DR. CONRAD SIX  immerses you in a mysterious world of ruined castles, a family curse, and unholy icons from the tomb of a controversial scientist. What language do the icons speak? What messages do they carry about religion, family, and beauty? What was Dr. Six onto that led to the destruction of his ancient family castle? What story do you see? 

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