What is an Elegant Horrorist?


An Elegant Horrorist finds beauty in the restrained macabre, the off-putting, the disturbing, the suggested. Slasher fare is fine for slasher fans, but the Elegant Horrorist thrives on suggestion, shadows, the irresistible lure of the past... particularly when it''s cloaked in classic style, the traditional beauty of fine fabrics, exquisite workmanship, and a respect for the masters of yesterfear.


This particular Elegant Horrorist likes to add a dash of twisted humor to his poisoned dinners, believing that if one must die, it's best to die both elegantly and laughing.


I do hope that you'll enjoy these pages. Please click the Say Boo button to say Hello, and for information on sharing your images here. We Elegant Horrorists must stick together.


Most Sincerely,

Richard Day Gore

The Elegant Horrorist