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MONSTROUSLY ELEGANT... and Elegantly Monstrous. The Fearsomely Fashionable Classics!

Undead Elegance...
Titanium gloves complete a look...
Tailoring, Gentlemen...
Hot and Hotter
The right accessory makes an outfit
Tonsorial creativity...
Say Yes to the dress
Dress well and they'll love you...
The ageless Panama hat
The right undergarments
Cotton or Rayon?
Staying in for the evening?
Hair and beard
A pressed collar and formal cravat
No accessories necessary.
Generous blousing...
Jewelry for men...
Decolletage can be inappropriate...
It's a fact: Blood tastes better...
The humble yet exotic fez
Chinoiserie can add elegance
A regular haircut
Dramatic Hair, Dramatic Stare
Cape + Evening Wear
Dare to go bare
Structured, architectural style
Everything old is new again
Nothing says "comfort"
An ensemble can be so outstanding...
White tie.. white vest... good times
Quasimodo should know better
Basic tweeds never looked better
A Good Accessory for Moonlit Nights
Skin is in
Don't be afraid of color...
Texture! Texture! Texture!
No brow threading for this vampire
Elegantly Lon
A truly elegant horrorist...
In Texas they call them...
The right hair...
Crusading the cape
A stylish robotic skin
Nothing says Elegance like...
Sport coat+Electrodes+Thunderstorm=
Erik wants YOU
It's better to light a single candle
"Acrylic baaadddd...
Have you cleaned your nails?
Hair and Makeup
Better than facial mud--
Rock that cape!
A shaved or bald head
And Don't Forget the Vest
Details, details...
Accessorize, accesorize, accessorize
An Elegant Night on the Town
Dapper Personified: Bela Lugosi
Boris' Beauty Treatment
Fashionable Eyewear
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