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Elsa Lanchester...


    ...Deadly Elegant, Elegantly Dead

Elsa plays two roles with distinctively different looks in the 1935 Universal Classic THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. In the prologue, she's Frankenstein creator Mary Shelley, the epitome of Regency elegance in a chest-baring dress, her hair up with a few locks falling onto her forehead Just So.


At the film's conclusion she rocks the world of fashion and horror in the title role. The Bride begins her new life wrapped head to toe mummy-style in muslin bandages, with only her eyes and the bridge of her nose showing---a form fitting sheath that reveals that the body beneath is every inch the woman Boris could dream of.


She makes her debut as a living person in a unique white cotton dress that's part shift, part cocktail or wedding gown. Its structured shoulders create the perfect setting for her arresting hair and makeup.


The Bride enjoys quite the moment in the spotlight before heading down the runway to meet her mate and being explosively launched into the Big Fashion Show in the Sky.


To paraphrase her doomed hubby, "She belong deadly."

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