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     Icon of Dangerous Robotic Style

Brigitte Helm as the two Marias in Fritz Lang's 1927 deco-scifi masterpiece METROPOLIS has it all goin' on: Sweet, understated woman-of-the-people, uber-stylized evil robotrix, uber-stylized robot disguised as hip-shakin' temptress, and uber-stylized evil robotrix disguised as sweet, understated woman-of-the-people. That disguise can't work for long... After all, when you're that smokin' hot underneath, it just has to come to the surface.


The robot Maria's memorable and influential exoskeletal skin was crafted of polymerized wood fiber. The original no longer exists and was most likely destroyed in the Second World War.  But the image lives on to influence design and pop culture for generations to come... watch my METROPOLIS-inspired music video of obsessive Maria lust. Better yet, feel free to support the arts by downloading the song here:

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